When your organization faces critical challenges and needs rapid, impactful solutions, Steven Windmill is the go-to interim executive. With over 20 years of global experience, I specialize in orchestrating high-stakes turnarounds and transformations across a diverse range of sectors—private equity, corporate, government, and military.

Whether it’s steering complex projects, driving large-scale programs, or leading entire businesses, I deliver results when they matter most.

Whether you’re grappling with sluggish revenue growth, risky project execution, stakeholder discontent, or navigating intricate M&As, my extensive career equips me to guide you through. I bring proven expertise to the table in multi-million/billion-dollar negotiations, spanning M&As, IPOs, Follow-Ons, Convertibles, and Debt arrangements, to deliver solutions tailored to your specific challenges.

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Harnessing the Power of Change through Sustainable Business Strategies, Nurturing Relationships, Fostering Team Cohesion, and Strategic Problem-Solving.

Mastering the Art of Solving Complex Global Challenges: Expertise in Worldwide Project Leadership, Scaling Multi-Site Tech Solutions, Building High-Performing Teams On-site or Remotely, and Accelerating Investment Returns


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About Steven

Steve Windmill, a businessman and former soldier in the Territorial Army (now ‘Army Reserve’) explains how he came to be COO of Europe’s largest change programme (UK£18 Billion / US$26 Billion) for four years and later to uniquely Command 200,000 Iraqi troops – double the number of soldiers commanded by any living British or European General.