Driving Real Results in our Go-Slow Post-Covid Economy

Helping Businesses Change, Survive, and Thrive

I am proud of the reputation I have built within and outside of the UK. As the UK faces economic uncertainty and increased corporate competition, I have demonstrated how essential it is for a business to  develop strategic roadmaps to proactively achieve success ahead of shifting tides.

Businesses must operated flexibly in a new global economic climate, whether it be dealing with decrease in export sales and investments from foreign firms; remaining relevant within global environments with intense competition; or enabling greater flexibility or capabilities to capitalize on business development for ongoing growth.

I help businesses make navigate a myriad of business turbulence, guide them to emerge stronger through individualized planning.

Businesses need to consider the steps they can take to thrive in an uncertain marketplace, including:

  • Acquisition of weaker competitors.
  • Attacking weaker competitors to increase your market share.
  • A merger or Joint Venture to better share company resources.
  • Restructure to increase margins.
  • Trade sale of a business or division to increase cash reserves
  • Retirement or replacement of a senior executive.

A Proven Track Record as a CEO and Leader with Cross-Sector, Multi-National Experience

As CEO of various companies, I re-energised the Mercedes 100 gold mine in Peru, and built ‘Omneta,’ Europe’s first commercial supercomputer. I have launched multiple change programmes (including the UK’s largest transformation programme) and launched an innovative intelligence system into the global capital markets.

As Lt Colonel in the British Army, I served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Whitehall. With NATO I commanded Homeland Security training for 200,000 Iraqi Security Forces at the personal request of the Prime Minister.

The desired changes are possible in any organization, with the right strategies and discipline.

I have also taught change management to MBA/MSc students, and coached business leaders in planning skills and leadership style.

I have a proven track record of overcoming challenges in my simultaneous military and business careers.

How I Can Help You

The right leader turns strategy into reality, and business plans into increased profits and cash.

I can boldly lead your executive team to take your business to new levels of performance to thrive in the uncertainties of a post-Brexit world.

Some ways I can serve your business:

  • NXD Chairman or NXD Director
  • Interim CEO or Chairman
  • Coach or consultant
  • Mentor
  • Speaker
  • Director
  • Leadership

Book Your Free Meeting

How can we move your business forward? Whether you are looking for a consultant, or an interim to lead your business through a period of transition, I can help.

I offer a free one-hour strategy session as a means to identify your business goals and constraints, and to see if we are an ideal fit. In that initial meeting we cover:

  • Dangers or threats to your business.
  • Opportunities to be captured.
  • Strengths to be maximized and reinforced.

Your appointment for a Complimentary Strategy Session can be made through the booking page on my website. Make sure you are putting your business in the best possible place to succeed. Book your meeting today!

Book your Complimentary Strategy Session HERE.

Client Testimonials: The Steven Windmill Difference

Amir Leaonardo

Steven M Windmill was a fantastic person to work with. He is not only a passionate and careful person but also an inspiring strategist. Precise team player with excellent communication skills. Deadline oriented and honest perfectionist. It’s a pleasure working with him as he is a reliable expert. Shows all the time a lot of analytical capability and willingness for his both personal & professional development.

Amir Leonardo
Account Manager at Newlin Group

Steven Windmill is one of the best among all people I have ever met and is a loyal colleague, understands complex matters. He is a strong and goal oriented team player; with every problem there was a solution. Highly recommended.

Walker Beckett
Web Designer at Newlin Group
Maurice River

Steven is one of the best among all people I have ever worked with. Independent, reliable, strong and proactive co-worker. Working with him is a signature of success.

Maurice River