Leadership: Mindfulness is Essential

The modern world, even the modern workplace, is a complex environment in which we are expected to lead, move comfortably in strange circumstances and to process increasing volumes of information efficiently; all whilst organisational structures change constantly around us. A new approach to leadership and management may be needed: the key to effectively utilising leadership and managerial skills […]

Management and Leadership – The 3 Cs of Work Life Balance

Work life balance is often seen as an area of challenge by managers and leaders. As we progress with our careers, move up the hierarchy it is all too easy to become so focussed on our work and lose sight of other important things like family, exercise, sports and hobbies. Work life balance for me […]

3 Psychological Traits Effective Leaders Know How To Manage

Great leaders boast a range of skills and traits, but one of the most underrated is a keen grasp of psychology. When you understand what motivates people’s actions and perceptions—for instance, why they respond in particular ways in certain situations, or the reason why they’re procrastinating—you can adjust your management style to address the causes […]

When The Policeman Abdicates

UNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA the U.S. has effectively abdicated its role as world policeman. Using the failure of the war in Iraq as an excuse, America no longer even pretends to be the democratic superpower to whom the wretched of the world can look for help. This has left a moral and physical vacuum at the […]