Sector Experience

Picture your organization navigating effortlessly through the complexities of today’s diverse sectors, from defense and government to technology and healthcare.

Imagine the unparalleled growth and innovation that could be achieved with a leader who has a proven track record across these multifaceted domains.

My extensive experience in these sectors has equipped me with the unique insights and skills to transform challenges into opportunities, and opportunities into triumphs.

If you’re seeking a leader who can not only adapt but thrive in a variety of sectors, then your search ends here. Are you ready to elevate your organization to the next level?

Corporate Governance

  • Non-Executive Director roles in various organizations
  • Board-level experience in governance and compliance
  • See HERE for page on Corporate Governance.

Financial Services and Investment

With a background working and training with firms like Arthur Anderson, 3i, KPMG, and PwC, Steven has a deep understanding of the financial landscape, including M&A activities and investment strategies.

  • Financial planning and budget management in multi-billion-pound projects
  • Experience with investment strategies and capital allocation


Technology and Cybersecurity

Steven’s work in building the first pan-European commercial supercomputer and his paper on zero trust in cybersecurity highlight his expertise in technology and data security.

  • Leading transformational projects involving technological solutions
  • Strategic insights into the future of technology, including fusion energy (2023)
  • Author of ‘zero trust’ cybersecurity protocols (2023)
  • Author of review of National Highways performance (2023)


Energy and Environmental Solutions

His involvement in waste-to-energy projects and photovoltaic solutions indicates a strong focus on sustainable and renewable energy sectors.

  • Advising on energy risks, particularly related to Russia
  • Expertise in nuclear commissioning and decommissioning
  • Insights into renewable energy and fusion energy


Defense and National Security

His multiple roles in the Ministry of Defence, Army HQ, Army Reserve and Homeland Security projects demonstrate his capabilities in strategic planning and operations in high-stakes, high-risk, regulated environments.

Healthcare and Public Services

Steven has experience in creating long-term plans for NHS Trusts, showcasing his ability to navigate the complexities of public health services.

  • Chairman of a healthcare company, Celtic Care Co Ltd
  • Experience in healthcare governance and strategy

Logistics and Transportation

His work in forming a consortium of logistics firms across Europe and securing significant VC and PE funding underscores his skills in this sector.

  • Interest and expertise in the UK’s transport infrastructure
  • Strategic planning for large-scale infrastructure projects

Crisis Management and Turnaround Consultancy

  • Proven capabilities in steering companies through financial difficulties, as evidenced by his role as Chief Trouble-Shooter for Sun Alliance.

Hospitality and Tourism

Successfully negotiated with Albanian officials for construction permissions and licenses to operate a hotel, casino, and racecourse with an integrated marina.

Government and Public Policy

  • Authored sections of the UK’s prevailing Code of Corporate Governance for Financial Services and Major Firms.
  • Strategic leadership in international military operations
  • Crisis management and conflict resolution
  • Training and development within military institutions
  • Advising Prime Ministers and high-ranking officials on energy and security
  • Contributing to governance codes and principles
  • Public appointment roles and responsibilities

Real Estate and Asset Management: Construction and Infrastructure

  • Experience in large-scale projects involving multiple venues and complex logistics, such as the UK’s most extensive change/outsourcing initiative.
  • Chair of Real Estate committee, with £1.9 Billion risk portfolio
  • Oversaw land purchase, site disposals, construction, demolition, and refurbishment of 6 major sites with £4 Billion build costs.
  • Chairman of Everest Assets Group Ltd
  • Experience in property and asset management

Education and Academia

  • Adjunct Professor roles in Business Schools
  • Authoring academic papers and handbooks
  • Training and development initiatives


  • Director of Commercial Projects at LPG Strategy Consulting
  • Risk assessment and strategic planning for various industries

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