Client Testimonials

The Steven Windmill Difference

Orchestrating the UK's Largest Change Initiative

“Steven’s strategic leadership was instrumental in saving billions on our massive project. His ability to engage stakeholders and manage risks is unparalleled. We couldn’t have transitioned 21,000 staff so smoothly without him.”



Waste-to-Energy Deal

“Steven’s financial acumen and strategic planning turned a complex deal into a profitable venture. His risk management skills ensured we were profitable by year six, a feat not many could achieve.”


Energy Corporation

Global R&D IT Hub

“Steven’s financial planning and IT strategy were key in reducing our operational costs by 40%. His vision helped us secure £21 million for our global R&D IT hub, setting us on a path to innovation and success.”


Global Tech Company

Claridge Management

“Steven’s focus on strategic and operational rigor opened up new avenues for us in various sectors. His leadership has been transformative for our company.”

Board Member

Claridge Management

British Army

“Colonel Steven Windmill’s leadership and advisory skills were crucial in commanding a large force effectively. His contributions have been invaluable to our operations.”


Iraqi Government

Omneta Ltd

“Steven built the first pan-European commercial supercomputer in just 14 months. His project management and technology leadership skills are second to none.”


Omneta Ltd

Thames Valley Enterprise Ltd

“Steven led our team to national recognition for our analytical and prognosticative services. His strategic planning and research skills have been a game-changer for us.”


Thames Valley Enterprise Ltd

Additional Skills and Competencies

“As the Chief Trouble-Shooter for Sun Alliance, Steven maintained our sales during a recession and saved £64 million from the turnaround of investments. His crisis management skills are exceptional.”


Sun Alliance

“Steven secured agreements from top logistics firms across the EU. His skills in international relations are remarkable.”


International Logistics Firm

“Steven is a sought-after speaker who can disseminate knowledge and insights across diverse sectors. His public speaking skills are compelling and insightful.”

Conference Organizer

Why Choose Steven Windmill?

Steven Windmill is not just an interim manager; he’s a transformative leader, a strategic visionary, and a financial wizard. His multi-dimensional skill set has been honed through decades of experience across various sectors, from the military to corporate governance. When you choose Steven, you’re not just hiring a manager; you’re investing in a legacy of excellence, a future of innovation, and a present of unparalleled value.

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